IOR Services

IOR service does many things, but helping you import your goods into the destination country and acting as the Importer of Record (IOR) on the import documents is not one of them.

That’s where Hexamet comes into play. We are an expert Importer of Record (IOR) and customs compliance provider. The Hexamet Team will manage the international shipment process from pick-up of your FBA inventory to final delivery at our warehouse in the UAE.

What is an Importer of Record?

An importer of record (IOR) is the entity or person in the destination country responsible for ensuring compliance requirements are met, when importing goods internationally.
It is much like an Exporter of Record (EOR) but applies to imports rather than exports.

What Do Hexamet as an Importer of Record (IOR) Do?

Hexamet will be responsible for ensuring that all the legal requirements are met before goods can be cleared through customs.

During this process, we ensure that the product classification is accurate, making sure that imported goods have been appropriately valued. We will also be responsible for the payment of fees, duties and taxes associated with importing goods, as well as completing the required documentation and paperwork.

As the importer of record, Hexamet is the entity liable for all risks associated with clearing the goods.

Appointing an Importer of Record helps to avoid confusion between suppliers, distributors and end users as to who owns the goods. At the time of import, the IOR temporarily becomes the owner of the goods and assumes all responsibility relating to the import process.

At Hexamet, it is our responsibility to ensure that we remain compliant with the laws, regulations and statutes of the United Arab Emirates. We do this via self-auditing programs, compliance tools, training and more under our voluntary compliance programme.

As your appointed IOR, we are also subject to enforced compliance which includes inspection on imports, documentation audits, monetary penalties, civil penalties, criminal penalties and investigations which we excel at.

Importing goods into the UAE can be an extremely complex process. Our role as the Importer of Record is to ensure that this runs smoothly. When suppliers, distributors and end users are involved, vital components might be overlooked. This can result in delayed shipments, penalties and fines.

The supply chain can be effectively streamlined by choosing to use Hexamet as your Importer of Record. We will take on all the necessary responsibilities associated with importing goods, ensuring first time customs clearance. This minimizes the risk which can save you both your valuable time and hard earned money.

With a dedicated Importer of Record such as Hexamet, you can also be confident that nothing will be missed. Our Importer of Record services will improve accuracy, efficiency and give you peace of mind.

We offer end to end IOR solutions. Get in touch to speak to one our expert advisors about your importing needs.

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