Product Registration Services

Product registration is extremely vital especially for Cosmetics, Food Products, Health Supplements and Disinfectants. The registration is mandatory to assure consumers that your products are safe for human and animal consumption. During the process, the Consumer Products Safety Section (CPSS) evaluates the safety of products when they are applied to the skin, hair, or body or when consumed orally. All cosmetic products, food products, and health supplements require to go through the product registration process. These products won’t be able to be manufactured, exported, imported, advertised, sold, or distributed until they are registered. The validity of products registered lasts for 5 years with the option to extend following a review by the authorities.
product registration services in dubai

Benefits for Product Registration in UAE

The main objective of product registration in Dubai and the UAE is to ensure the safety of the consumer. While this mandatory registration is beneficial for consumer, there are also a number of advantages for businesses to have their products registered.

  1. Label protection
  2. Brand protection
  3. Import and re-export rights
  4. Hassle-free trade inside and outside the UAE including in the entirety of the GCC.
  5. Minimum or no tax on manufacturing, importing, or re-exporting of products in the UAE.

Why is Product Registration in the UAE made Compulsory?

Products must be registered with the Dubai Municipality prior to launching in the Dubai / UAE market. Here are some of the reasons why product registration in Dubai and the UAE is mandatory:

  1. To limit the trade of artificial and harmful products in the UAE
  2. To assure consumer safety
  3. To maintain the quality of the product
  4. Prevent commercialization of duplicate products
  5. Labelling of Products giving the consumer all necessary information prior to purchase
Why is Product Registration in the UAE made Compulsory

Documents required for product registration.

The documents required for product registration may vary as per the product registration category, like for food products the requirement will be slight different and for cosmetic, personal care, nutrition, and food supplements the documents requirement will be different.
  • Clear Picture of Product.
  • Clear Artwork of Product.
  • Free Sale Certificate.
  • Ingredients Report.  (list of a product’s ingredients)
  • Certificate of Analysis.
  • GMP Certificate.
  • If any other supporting documents (e.g. Halal Certificate, Organic Certificate, etc.)